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are fraternal twins who live in Brooklyn but grew up in six different states because their dad was in the navy and was stationed around the country, which is why they have separation anxiety but also why they sometimes say the same thing at the exact same time. Usually it's accidental but people make a big deal about twins saying or doing the same thing. Sometimes people comment on their facial hair– "Oh, you both have beards, is that a twin thing?" or, "Oh, one of you has a beard and the other doesn't...playing opposites eh, is that a twin thing?"

Regardless, this twin business has developed a unique relationship of argumentation and synthesization, which really caters itself to creative pursuits like film and photography. Roman thinks the shot should look like this but Cam, of course, thinks it should look like that. So what it actually becomes is somewhat of a mix and more often richer than the two. Less often, but still often, it leads to verbal abuse which can get heated but has also proven to win awards for their filmmaking.

Their relationship has also been integral in their pursuit of athletics, namely lacrosse, which the two played professionally for five years. Anyway, they decided a long time ago to pursue only the things they're most passionate about...and so here they are.